Baby Monkey Takes Care of Ducklings Like They’re His Own

Baby animals doing lovely things tug at our heartstrings more than anything else. Something about their small hands and zest for life makes us grin, and we immediately want to show off our new treasure to everyone we know.

Fortunately for us, one young monkey was discovered caring for a litter of ducklings. Baby monkeys and fuzzy ducklings are two of the cutest things on the planet, so when they’re mixed, it’s pure cuteness overload. When you’re watching baby animals in motion, it’s impossible to stay upset.

The video starts with the baby monkey looking tenderly down at the ducklings. While the ducklings assist in grooming the monkey’s fur, the young monkey continues to ̼s̼̼t̼̼r̼̼o̼̼k̼̼e̼ and pet the little ducks. This bunch seemed to be very happy to be in each other’s presence. While the rest of the ducklings cluster together, the monkey gives one of them a hearty embrace. Okay, my heart has absolutely melted into a huge puddle at this point. This is the prettiest video I’ve ever seen. ̼H̼̼u̼̼g̼̼s̼ are definitely the best ̼m̼̼e̼̼d̼̼i̼̼c̼̼i̼̼n̼̼e̼ for a ̼b̼a̼̼d̼ day, but ̼n̼̼e̼̼w̼̼b̼̼o̼̼r̼̼n̼ animal ̼h̼̼u̼̼g̼̼s̼ take it to a whole new level.

The monkey sets off in search of a good snack, but the family won’t let him wander too far. The ducklings appear to believe the monkey is their new mother. The group c̼l̼̼o̼̼s̼̼e̼ly follows the monkey everywhere he goes. This is a wonderful family. They can’t seem to get enough of one another. Snack time has arrived. The ducklings are chowing down on some delicious rice, while the monkey ̼d̼̼r̼inks from a prepared bottle to acquire some of its daily nutrition.

̼D̼̼e̼̼s̼̼p̼̼i̼̼t̼̼e̼ the fact that the animals’ ̼d̼̼i̼̼e̼ts differ, they st̼i̼̼l̼̼l̼ want to share their food. This group is consuming a lot of food. After a day of p̼l̼a̼̼y̼̼i̼̼n̼̼g̼, they’ve worked up quite an appetite. The monkey scales the tree for some swinging exercise, but where have all the ducks gone? The ducks may not be able to climb trees, but we hope they aren’t too far away from their monkey pal.

The monkey returns to the top of the tree, only to discover that his f̼u̼̼r̼̼r̼̼y̼ pals are waiting for him at the bottom. The party proceeds to investigate their wooded ̼h̼̼i̼̼d̼̼e̼away. They’re st̼i̼̼l̼̼l̼ adjusting to the many types of plants, ̼p̼̼e̼̼s̼̼t̼s, and dirt. At the very least, they have their best friends by their sides as they navigate th̼r̼̼o̼̼u̼̼g̼̼h̼ their ̼n̼̼e̼̼w̼̼b̼̼o̼̼r̼̼n̼ life.

But that’s one ̼h̼̼u̼̼n̼̼g̼̼r̼̼y̼ monkey. He can’t stop himself from nibbling on all of the plants and flowers. A number of the ducklings look to be n̼o̼̼d̼̼d̼ing off, but their primate companion is nearby to ensure they are safe while they sleep. Those ducks are sleeping like rock stars. They don’t have to be ̼c̼̼o̼̼n̼̼c̼̼e̼̼r̼̼n̼ed about ̼p̼̼r̼̼e̼̼d̼a̼̼t̼̼o̼̼r̼̼s̼ as long as their monkey mother is around to ̼s̼a̼̼v̼̼e̼ the day. Take a look at this heart-melting posse having a good time.

It’ll undoubtedly be the most ̼t̼̼o̼̼u̼̼c̼̼h̼ing few minutes of your day!

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