Bathing Animals That Will Splash A Smile On Your Face

It’s bath time, fellas! Sometimes little mammals like to roll around in the mud, and that’s perfectly alright. It’s nothing some bubbles behind the ears and some suds between the toes can’t fix. Plus, it’s very enjoyable to watch the process, as proven by the adorable photos below. Soak ’em up!

Nothing Could Be So Much Nicer Than Having Someone Wash Your Back

Before Vs. After Bath

Bear Cub Taking A Bath

Just Another Monday…

Elephant Taking A Bath

It’s Bath Time!

Uhuh? I’m Comfortable With This!

This Little Yorkie Who Is Super Happy Having His Bath

Don’t Be Fooled Human, Your Demise Is Still Going To Happen

Baby Elephant Taking A Bubble Bath

He Confuses Bath Time With Nap Time

Bird Bath

This Dog Really Loves Bathing

Mr. Needles Taking A Bubble Bath

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