How Can Babies Have These Sleeping Positions?

There’s one thing you can’t deny: when a kid’s gotta sleep, a kid’s gotta sleep.

At first, it might seem like baby will never sleep. (And it might seem that way again at 4 months.) But the reality is babies spend average at least 14 hours of sleep a day (including naps) throughout the first year. That is plenty of time to sneak in adorable photo ops like these.

Man’s best friend? Try baby’s best friend.

Can you spot baby?

Aren’t shoes supposed to be in bed?

This is the advanced yoga version of “child’s pose.”

Nothing like an afternoon siesta after learning to eat solids.

New parent hack: ʙʀᴇᴀsᴛfeeding pillow as neck pillow.

How to know if your child is addicted to television.

Guess this little dude is all pottied out. (Yes, we have a million puns.)

3, 2, 1…Naptime!

I’m tired of waiting for my girlfriend doing her makeup

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