Pets Snapped Mimicking Their Owners

Most vets and animal-lovers claim that pets not only look like their owners, but also tend to mimic their every move (well, almost!).

By way of proof, we’ve come up with 5 adorable photos of pets doing exactly the same thing as their owner!  What about you?  Do you have any four-legged friends that mimic you?  Share your photos and comments with us below!

1. Check out the smile!

A cheeky canine grin!

2. When your cat challenges you to a game of Battleships

“I’ve just sunk your aircraft carrier…”

3. When a dog and his master fall fast asleep

Note that the dog’s got two pillows!

4. Like father, like son

Hard to tell which one looks the most relaxed!

5. When a protective big cat curls up beside his tiny human friend

“I’ve got your back!”

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