The Art Of Camouflage By This Great Grey Owl

This owl has mastered the art of deception as he is caught blending seamlessly into a tree.

Edsel James S. Batuigas, 45, from Burnaby, Canada, took the snaps while he was out in his favorite wildlife spot in British Columbia.

The eagle-eyed photographer had traveled by car for five hours to get to the location where he spotted the owl and it was by chance that he saw the bird.

Edsel said: “I was planning to look for the great grey owl that day. I was driving on a forest road searching for the great grey owls, scanning every tree hoping to find one during noontime, where they’re usually resting. Then suddenly in the corner of my eye I noticed something moving in the tree trunk, that’s when I realized it was the owl cunningly blended with the bark of the tree.

The photographer only noticed when the owl turned his head towards him.

“If the owl didn’t look at me, I would have missed it.”

The optical illusion seen in stunning images has puzzled Instagram people.

Edsel, who has been practicing photography for 11 years as a hobby, originally took pictures in March, but later shared the set on Instagram. This is a great social media user. This post has received over 90,000 likes so far, as people have been left confused because they have done their best to resolve the optical illusion.

“This is why we can’t see them,” writes one.

Another said: “You can’t see it … but it can see you.”

“Wow, that’s camouflage,” commented someone else.

One fan described it as having “amazing stealth.”

“He’s why we can’t see them,” another said.

Someone else wrote: “It’s crazy how well it blends in.”

“That’s why we’ve never seen a terrible owl,” someone else said.

Other viewers said they needed prescription sunglasses or UV vision to find the sneaky creatures.

A fan who was impressed with “Wow” added.

“It’s a great picture,” someone else wrote.

They often camouflage themselves against nearly identical backgrounds, as predators can secretly scan the scene for prey.

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