Top 6 Smart Fishing Catch Big Fish By Primitive Trap

Unique fishing catch a lot fish on array by fishing ethnic girl and catch a lot fish for survival in the forest

If you’re concerned about wilderness survival, then there are plenty of reasons to learn to fish. Fishing can help you survive whether it’s an unexpected emergency, like getting lost

This is how to Catch Fish When Your Life Depends Upon It

1.Smart Girl’s Catching Big Fish By Basket And Cooking Big Fish, Eating Delicious

The best benefit of survival fishing is that you can do it with minimal effort. At times, it can even become a passive way to get food.

2. Primitive Skills Catching Big Fish By Hand

When you know how to fish, you can provide food for you and your family. One successful fishing trip can provide enough for two or more meals. Even in an urban environment, survival fishing can keep food on the table.

You can even fish when you have absolutely no equipment. Hand fishing, which is also called noodling, graveling, or hogging, is a primitive, backcountry fishing technique.

It involves grabbing the fish directly from its hiding spot with your hand. It’s most often seen when fishing for catfish and suckers, who like to hide in dark places like hollow logs, undercut banks, and holes under rocks.

You start by blocking the hole, then slowly reach inside. Once you touch the fish, slide your hand along its side until you can grab the mouth or gills. Grip tight and pull the fish out. Beware of the catfish’s barbels, which fan out around its mouth. These barbs can sting, causing pain and irritated skin.

3.Smart Girl’s Build Eels Fish Trap By Mud Hole To Catch A Lot Of Eel Fish

Fishing is one of the best ways to get protein in a survival situation. And it’s easy and fast if you know what you’re doing. Lucky for you, the basics of survival fishing are simple to learn

4.Unique Fishing Use Bow And Arrow Catch Big Fish For Survival

This is the traditional method, very easy to use. Please prepare a bow and arrow,  this method is often used to catch large fish in the river

5.Smart Girl’s Fishing Dig Deep Hole Catch Big Catfish

Primitive People dig deep crack secret find Catfish in the winter

6.Primitive People Unique Fishing Catch Catfish in Mud Hole And They Are Meet Fish Underground

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