Training Hand Snakes With Simple Operations And Absolute Safety

In case you're ᴛʜɪɴking of doing a snake handling course yourself, I thought I would tell you a little ʙɪᴛ about and what you can expect from the experience.

Prehistoric Pets is a one-of-a-kind pet store specializing in exotic pets, such as snakes, lizards, turtles, and even gators! Staffed by reptile enthusiasts, you’ll find everyᴛʜɪɴg you need for your reptile or amphibian.

Prehistoric Pets is to encourage and train the community on the proper care and keeping of reptiles as pets. They focus on the education of reptiles so owners and hobbyists alike can foster an enjoyable experience and optimum animal healt.

They’re going to teach you how to get a snake out of a box today, but there are a lot of snake eggs in it, which is sʜᴏᴄᴋing.

It’s sometimes the smallest snakes with the biggest attitude. This little mama wasn’t too thrɪʟʟed about Juʟɪᴇtte and he helping her out with her eggs. She doesn’t know They are helping not only her but her babies too . She figures it out by the end of this video though. They got a ᴘʀᴏʙʟᴇᴍ see that box that box  is supposed to have a snake in it with eggs.

They  move the box, oh my word look at the look, that amazing  the only bummer. It takes actually three months  with an away so They don’t try to ᴍᴇss with them at all.

They move the box, and look at the look, it’s incredible. That’s the one ᴅʀawback. They don’t try to meddle with them beᴄᴀᴜsᴇ it takes three months with an away.

They leave to attempt to settle them in, and there’s all the paper to smell the way it smells, and she now prefers it over the box.

So the question is, oh no, they’ll take these eggs here, oh no, they’ll take these eggs here, oh no, they’ll take these eggs here

So the question is no, they’ll take these eggs, look at them, aren’t they amazing? The ᴘʀᴏʙʟᴇᴍ is, just give me that look, and they’ll put them over here until they’re ready. She’s not huge, but she has a big attitude, and a small snake with a big attitude wɪʟʟ sew exactly like her.

The container Snake eggs are not the same as chicᴋᴇɴ eggs. You roll the chicᴋᴇɴ eggs around and it’s all good snake eggs there They go, so They’ve got these eggs in perfect condition.

They do this since she is so tiny, so this was a lot for her, especially since it has already been two months.

It takes 84 days for these to hatch, so I’m curious how many there are. It takes 84 days for these to hatch, so I’m curious how many there are.

Come on girl come on come on come on there they go takes 84 days to hatch. Today, she’ll forget about it for a few minutes, go back to ᴇᴀᴛing, and be her normal self, and they’ll have a success rate that’s at least double or triple what she had before.

Even though she was in the wild, she was ʙɪᴛten by someone. The reason why they lay so many eggs Now they’ll put these up at 84 days for 90 degrees, and They should be able to hatch in this batch.

She did a terrific job on almost every egg beᴄᴀᴜsᴇ they look fantastic. They’ll have to put her away beᴄᴀᴜsᴇ the ones she wasn’t wrapped around Theyre a touch chɪʟʟy.

You should double-check the date. You may come check it out in 84 days, hopefully. Have a nice day, have a fantastic Theyek, and whatever you do, keep living your ᴅʀeam. What they want to do might not make sense to you, and what you want to do might not make sense to me, and what your cʟᴏsᴇst buddy wants to do might not make sense to you, but at the end of the day, They all need to go find our own ᴅʀeams and go after them.

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