How Animals Look Before Giving Birth

Being a future mom and feeling a new life growing inside you is such a special time. These mommies may look like they are not very impressed with their current shape, but they all look absolutely adorable.

We believe that all babies are beautiful, no matter if it’s a child, a puppy, or a baby-snake and every pregnancy is a little miracle. We selected these photos to prove it.

I’m sure my cat doesn’t like me any more.

I am glowing. Literally.

Everything becomes mission impossible.

Tired. Just tired.

Just left the bathroom and have to pee again…

When you look cute but don’t feel cute.

Waistline? What waistline?

I am so ready for this baby to be born NOW.

The baby is definitely very warm under this coat.

Ask if the baby is here yet one more time…

Get pregnant, they said, you’ll look pretty, they said.

I was told there would be glowing.

Hello, fatties.

Yeah, go ahead and touch my belly one more time.

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