When A Donkey Reunites With The Girl Who Raised It

Animals often display emotions in a much stronger way than humans, and a recent viral video of a donkey's reunion with a girl is proof. The video of their reunion has left Twitterati emotional.

It is often believed that the love animals shower on humans is quite pure and many a time, social media gives us proof of this affection in cute videos. Speaking of this, an example of it was recently seen in a viral video of a donkey’s reunion with a girl who raised it. A video of a donkey at a farm recently ʜɪᴛ Twitter and managed to leave users emotional as the crᴇᴀᴛure reunited with a girl who raised it. The emotional reunion of the two left netizens completely spellbound.

A Twitter handle by the name of Buitengebieden from the Netherlands shared a video of a donkey waiting to be reunited with the human who raised it. Seeing the girl standing on the fence, the donkey comes running to it and its emotional wail can be heard. As it meets the girl, it can be seen hugging her and smothering her with kisses. The girl too seemed to be elated to reunite with her best friend at the farm. With over 6.4 Millions views, the video is leaving netizens teary-eyed.

“This donkey is reunited with the girl who raised it..,’ wrote the page sharing the video on Twitter. Since shared last week, the video clip has crᴇᴀᴛed a storm on the internet and has been viewed by over 6 and a half million people. Additionally, it has also garnered over 28 thousand retweets and attracted a wide range of comments.

‘‘Animals have feelings too’’

“How anyone can ʜᴜʀᴛ an animal is beyond me. This is so precious,” wrote a user. “How can people say that animals have no emotions, can’t love, don’t feel ᴘᴀɪɴ the same way we do. What a beautiful video” added another. So touching?!  Incredible. I once had a professor tell me animals have no memory or feelings. I argued they did. Proof perfect!  Memory and emotions!!!,” write a third user.

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